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If you are looking for the strongest, safest way to connect recovery gear to your vehicle the VooDoo soft shackle is the answer. The soft shackles work great with a VooDoo Offroad Recovery rope but are designed to be used universally. Unlike other shackles, the VooDoo soft shackles are a one piece design. Which means no pins or D-rings to prep when you are getting ready to tow. Simplicity aside, these shackles are flexible enough to wrap around most pulling points yet strong enough to withstand the toughest situations you may come across. These tough shackles are ready to stand up to any task you throw their way.


This 1500001A 1/2 inch x 8" soft shackles feature water, UV and abrasion resistance. Also featuring a polyurethane coating, offering your shackles maximum protection and strength. As strong as these shackles are, the breaking strength is 20,000 lb..



  • Flexible yet strong
  • Water, UV and abrasion resistant
  • 2 year warranty
  • 100% 12 strand nylon single braid rope



Color: Green

Material: Plasma Synthetic Fiber

Rope Capacity: 20,000 lb

Rope Length: 30 ft

Rope Type: 12 Strand Single Braid

Vehicle Type: Jeep, Truck/SUV




Voodoo Offroad 1/2 inch x 8" Green Soft Shackle

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