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RockJock's Driver Lift Kit for JK Wrangler Unlimiteds provides 4 inches of lift and allows for efficient clearance of up to 37 in. tall tires (larger tires will require aftermarket fenders and minor trimming)!
Comprised of only the highest end components in the areas of strength, fit, finish, function, and the engineering to back them, this kit is more than sufficient for those who want to lift their vehicle, install big tires and maybe hit some dirt roads while overlanding! Included in this kit are our front control arm geometry correction brackets that will restore drivability to the stock feel after lifting, so everyday driving we be just as pleasurable as it was before the lift.
For those who intend to do more serious 4 wheeling and rock crawling, you'll want to look at all of the upgrade parts that RockJock has to offer that can be added to this kit to get your vehicle to it's full potential at any level of off-roading!
Premium shock packages from Rancho, Fox and King are offered here as options so that you can select the shock brand and performance level that matches your driving style. We always recommend adjustable shocks, as they allow the ride to be tuned to match the terrain and driver’s preference.


Kit Fits:

  • JK Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – All Models


Kit Includes:

  • 4 in. Lift Dual-Rate Front And Rear Springs
  • Front Control Arm Geometry Correction Brackets
  • Front and Rear Trac Bar Geometry Correction Bracket
  • Front and Rear Bump Stop Kits
  • Rear Adjustable Sway Bar Links w/ Sealed Ends
  • Front and Rear Brake Line Relocation Brackets
  • Dropped Pitman Arm
  • Rear Shock Relocator Kit
  • All Required Hardware


Kit Features:

  • RockJock Spec. Dual-Rate Springs - Feature a soft initial rate that absorbs small bumps and trail chop, to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride, while a firmer secondary rate helps soak up larger impacts and reduce bottoming. A key differentiator of RockJock spec. dual-rate springs is the positioning of the crossover point between the initial and secondary spring rates so that a portion of the softer initial rate is available and active at ride height before crossing over to the firmer secondary rate deeper into the travel.
  • Bump Stop Spacers - Proper bump stop extensions are a must and our heavy duty kits stand up to hard use while keeping the tires off of your JK’s fenders!
  • Geometry Correction Brackets –The front brackets in this kit will put the control arms back in stock position in relation to the axle, correcting caster angle, improving front driveline angle and causing the axle to travel in it's factory intended arc. General road manners and the way in which the vehicle absorbs bumps are restored to stock feel. The rear Trac Bar correction bracket will restore rear suspension lateral geometry and produce better overall vehicle handling by raising the rear suspension roll center to bring it closer to the vehicle’s center of gravity.
  • Johnny Joint Trac Bar - Forged chromoly, org