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Antirock Sway Bar End Link Hardware Pack includes 2 right and 2 left hand sealed rod ends with locking nuts and 2 right hand and 2 left hand jam nuts.


Component Specs.:

  • Rod End Female Threads  =  1/2 in.-20 RH/LH
  • Rod End Stud Threads  =  12mm-1.75 RH
  • Jam Nut Threads  =  1/2 in.-20 RH/LH


Parts List:

  • Sealed Rod End (RH thread):  RJ-527000-101
  • Sealed Rod End (LH thread):  RJ-527000-102
  • 1/2 in.-20 Jam Nut (RH thread):  CE-95462A525
  • 1/2 in.-20 Jam Nut (LH thread):  CE-H0020

RJ-527002-101 - Antirock Sway Bar End Link Sealed Rod End Pack

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