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The RockJock High Steer Knuckles for all JL Wrangler and JT Gladiator models are a game changer! Simply installing these knuckles raises your tie rod 2 3/4 in. and your drag link 2 1/2 in.! 
These knuckles, for use on factory axles or axles that retain factory inner C-knuckles, are intended for use with our other high steer components, to give you a package that provides all the necessary components to accommodate the higher steering location, adjust all geometry points and allow you to easily install a hydraulic assist steering ram, or to reinstall your stabilizer shock! 
Our knuckles are manufactured to greater than OEM standards in every way. Features include premium iron castings, gloss black finish and precise machining for a component that installs just like factory. Additionally, we've provided extra threaded steering stop bolt holes ahead of the axle to allow for a second set of stops to be added, giving you firm steering lock stops on both wheels at all times, easing strain on other components. 
For best results, it is highly recommended that these knuckles be used in conjunction with one of our knuckle kits that include all of the other components to make this installation easy. Our RJ-440000-101 kit includes our forged, high articulation Drag Link, our 42mm chromoly Tie Rod, as well as the bracket and clamp kits to allow you to install a hydraulic assist steering ram. We also offer our RJ-440001-101 kit that includes the same Drag Link and Tie Rod, as well as the bracket and clamp kits to allow you to reinstall your steering stabilizer shock at a much higher, protected height. 
Additionally, we recommend the use of our RJ-9120FJLF forged, organically shaped front trac bar, so that all components nest together for maximum up travel as engineered.


Kit Fits:

*Fits all listed vehicles below, granted they retain the factory front differential, or any aftermarket differential that features factory spec. inner C-knuckles.

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door)
  • JL Wrangler JL (2-door)
  • JT Gladiator


Kit Includes:

  • Left side high steer steering knuckle
  • Right side high steer steering knuckle


Fitment Specs.:

  • For use on any factory JL or JT front differential, or any aftermarket replacement axle that features factory specification inner C-knuckles
  • Retains factory unit bearings, axle shafts, ball joints, steering stop bolts & brakes with dust shields.
  • Intended to be used with a minimum of a 17 in. diameter wheel and up to a 6 in. wheel backspacing.
  • A minimum of a 2.2 in. bump stop extension is mandatory to keep components from crashing under full articulation range conditions. See our RJ-107101-101 adjustable front bump stop kit for an easy to use solution.



  • For optimum performance of these knuckles, we recommend purchasing them in one of our kits that provide the balance of the components for ease of use. See: RJ-440000-101 and RJ-440001-101
  • These knuckles were designed in conjunction with and intended for use with our RJ-442100-101 steering system.
    ** These knuckles may or may not work with stock or other aftermarket tie rods and drag links - we have not done that testing!


Parts List:

  • High Steer Knuckle (LH)
  • High Steer Knuckle (RH)
  • 10mm-1.5 x 30mm Button Head Allen Bolt:  RJ-501110-1
  • 10mm-1.5 x 35mm Button Head Allen Bolt:  RJ-501110-3
  • 10mm-1.5 Jam Nut (RH thread):  RJ-502110-1
  • Cotter Pin:  CE-98338A190

RJ-447100-101 - JL/JT High-Steer Knuckles

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