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Big tires and aggressive usage of your JL Wrangler, JL Unlimited or JT Gladiator vehicle will cause the factory steering components to bend or break. For those who get their vehicles out in the dirt, the RockJock Currectlync Heavy Duty Steering System is must-have! Being pro-active, so you don't get stranded in the wilderness is the smart thing to do for your family's safety.
RockJock's Currectlync Steering System is a completely bolt-on solution that features an alloy steel 42mm (1.654 in.) diameter tie rod, a solid forged steel, organically shaped, high articulation drag link, larger forged, greasable rod ends, premium jam nuts and adjusters and it's painted black, so it's ready for install right out of the box!
The new drag link’s organic shape ensures maximum up travel where your steering components are concerned. With this piece installed, you should also consider our RJ-9120FJLF organically shaped forged Trac Bar and our RJ-107101-101 adjustable front bump stop kit so that you can fine tune your vehicle to truly achieve maximum up travel out of your build.
Currectlync steering kit also includes RockJock's JL/JT High-Mount Steering Stabilizer Relocation Bracket Kit for the passenger's side of the factory stabilizer shock, which moves the shock from the tie rod to the axle housing, as well as way up out of harm's way. A heavy duty stabilizer shock mounting kit for the opposite end of the factory stabilizer shock is also included that moves that shock mounting location from the axle housing to the tie rod tube.
Both the tie rod and drag link feature double adjusters so that they do not require removal from the vehicle for adjustment once installed. This unit is designed for use on stock height or lifted vehicles, but for those with big tires, these components are also compatible with ram assist steering (see ram assist mounting bracket options here.
This easy to install kit requires no modifications or machining to any part of the vehicle!
Since you are this far along in your vehicle modifications, consider our High Steer Knuckle Kits for your application. These kits include this steering system!

RJ-442100-101 JL/JT Currectlync Steering System

SKU: RJ-442100-101
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