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The RockJock Steering Stabilizer Shock Tie Rod Clamp is a trick piece for use with our high steer knuckle package! In our quest to make installing high steer on modern Jeeps easy, we’ve developed several components that provide easy to install solutions to get you on the trail! 
Laser cut and formed steel clamp features precise curves and bends for ease of installation on to, specifically, 42mm or 1 5/8 in. O.D. tie rod tubes. Though we have designed this piece for use specifically with our high steer set up, it can be used universally in virtually any application (high-steer/low steer, stock height or lifted). 
Installation requires no modifications or machining to your existing tie rod. Finish is semi-gloss black powder coat and all necessary hardware is included.


Kit Fits:

  • 42mm Diameter Tie Rod Tubes
  • 1 5/8 in. Diameter Tie Rod Tubes


Kit Includes:

  • (1) Tie Rod Clamp
  • (1) CNC machined aluminum center block
  • (2) 12mm-1.5 x 70mm bolt w/ hardware
  • (2) 5/16 in.-18 x 2 1/2 in. bolts w/ hardware


Fitment Specs.:

  • Clamps to 42mm or 1 5/8 in. O.D. Tie Rod Tubes
  • Shock spacing is intended for use with a stock JL/JT steering stabilizer shock
  • Shock mounting bolt is metric to accommodate the stock JL/JT shock
  • Use universally with high or low steer configurations and any amount of lift


Component Specs.:

  • Material = laser cut and formed 3/16 in. steel
  • Large (mounting) thru-hole = accepts 42mm or 1 5/8 in. O.D. tie rod tubes
  • Gap where shock installs = 1.360 in.
  • Overall Height = 3.710 in.
  • Overall Width = 1.500 in.
  • Shock Bolt CL to Tie Rod Tube CL = 2.080 in.



  • Due to clamp’s universal design, it can be installed in a variety of applications. For your own safety, always cycle your steering and then articulate your vehicle’s suspension and cycle your steering again to ensure clamp has ample clearance to move freely and not get caught or bound up on other components that could possibly lock up your steering!


Parts List:

  • Clamp Body:  RJ-441002-1
  • Aluminum Center Block:  RJ-441002-3
  • 12mm-1.5 x 70mm Long Grade 8.8 Hex Bolt:  RJ-501109-1
  • 12mm Flat Washer:  CE-91455A150
  • 12mm-1.5 Stover Nut:  RJ-502109-1
  • 5/16 in.-18 x 2 1/2 in. Long Grade 8 Hex Bolt:  RJ-501212-1
  • 5/16 in. Flat Washer:  CE-90126A030
  • 5/16 in.-18 Nyloc Nut:  RJ-502204-1

RJ-441002-101 - Steering Stabilizer Shock Tie Rod Clamp (High-Steer)

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