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The RockJock JT Gladiator Mojave Edition 1 1/2 Inch Suspension Lift lifts the Mojave model enough to efficiently clear a 37 in. tire, while retaining all of the factory performance parts included in the JT Mojave package.
This kit retains the vehicle’s smooth, comfortable on-road ride, while the RockJock components feature high-quality, durable components that easily install and bump your vehicle’s height up – all in a complete, direct bolt-on kit.


Kit Fits:

  • JT Gladiator – Mojave Model


Kit Includes:

  • Mojave Front Upper Air-Bump Stop Spacers
  • Mojave Rear Upper Bump Stop Spacers
  • Front Shock Relocators
  • Rear Shock Relocators
  • Rear Coil Spring Spacers
  • Extended Front Sway Bar Links
  • Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
  • All Required Hardware


Lift Details:

  • This RockJock Jeep JT Gladiator Mojave Suspension Kit provides 1.5 in. of suspension lift.


Tire Fitment:

  • 37 in. tires – no inner fender modification necessary


Wheel Backspace:

  • 4.5 in. wheel backspace is recommended for all tire sizes


Optional Add-On Components - Add-on components enable the RockJock Mojave Lift to be customized for increased off-road capabilities and tuning.

  • Antirock Sway Bars – The most popular off-road sway bar on the market enhances off-road driving capabilities with balanced performance of front and rear suspension in rugged off-road conditions. Off-road traction is improved with increased suspension flex and by equalizing and distributing the weight of the vehicle over all four tires - without the overly loose feeling created by sway bar disconnects.
  • Control Arms – Install upper, lower or all 8 RockJock Johnny Joint control arms for maximum articulation and adjustability.
  • Geometry Correction Brackets – Restore and Improve factory geometry for a more pleasurable on-road driving experience.
  • Trac Bars and Bracket – Heavy duty adjustable length chromoly trac bars combine a precise fit with increased strength and adjustable length to perfectly center the axles under the vehicle. High-articulation Johnny Joint ends provide maximum durability and suspension flex and the optional rear trac bar bracket will restore rear trac bar geometry after a lift is installed.


RJ-151000-101 - RockJock JT Mojave Suspension System (1.5 in. Lift)

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