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Boost communication with Midland’s SPK200 Amplified External Speaker, boasting seriously impressive sound volume. The high-performance mobile speaker features a heavy-duty design and IP67 Waterproof Rating that will withstand the toughest of environments. With the inclusion of Midland’s new AI chip, theMidland SPK200 reduces lower frequencies for clearer sound output. Coming in at 20 Watts of power, theMidland SPK200 cuts through the background noise, ensuring users don’t miss important communication. Rated at 8 Ohms, theMidland SPK200brings crisp, clear, and powerful sound. TheMidland SPK200amplified AI noise-canceling speaker comes with a 6.5 ft cord, 3.5 mm plug, a 180-degrees mounting bracket, and mounting hardware.


With its standard 3.5 mm audio jack, thisspeaker with noise cancellation is compatible with many two-way radios, including Midland MicroMobiles and CB radios.Just connect this amplified speaker, and you will easily hear its 20 watts of power.

Midland SPK200 Amplified Speaker with AI Noise Cancellation

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