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Have you installed a 1 ton Front Differential and are looking for a Tie Rod? In most instances that we are aware of – this is your answer! If you have custom built a 1 ton front differential, if you have purchased a 1 ton differential and are unhappy with the tie rod supplied with it or if you have installed knuckles on your stock differential that have a 1 ton taper this tie rod may be the solution you are looking for! 

RockJock's completely bolt-on Modular Extreme Tie Rod is commonly referred to as our 2 1/2 Ton tie rod. It is adjustable to fit a center of tapered hole to center of tapered hole dimensions from 57 1/2 in. to 60 1/2 in. Features include a massive 1 5/8 in. diameter 4130 chromoly heat treated tube, 1 1/4 in. RH/LH thread forged steel rod ends, 1 ton taper removable rod end cartridges (that may be used in standard or reversed orientation) and premium jam nuts. The right hand and left hand threads and jam nuts allow for drag link spec. adjustments after installation without having to remove either end of the drag link from the vehicle. 
The removable cartridges in the rod ends offer many advantages. 

  • They are able to be replaced independently of the forged rod end, saving cost
  • A spare can easily be carried in the vehicle for trail repairs (carry our JK-9703W wrench with you as well!)
  • If a cartridge end is removed and replaced, the vehicle does not have to be realigned, because the tie rod length adjustment was not compromised
  • Cartridges may be easily removed from the rod end forgings and inserted from the top or the bottom, depending upon your mounting preference, and simply tightened back down
  • Kit Fits:

  • Universal Application – 1 ton front differentials w/ 1 ton taper at the knuckles

    Kit Includes:

  • (1) Modular Extreme Tie Rod Assembly

    Adjustment Range.:

  • Closed – 57.500 in.
  • Open – 60.500 in.

    Component Specs.:

  • Tie Rod Tube = 1 5/8 in. dia. 4130 heat treated chromoly
  • Tie Rod End Forgings = 1 1/4 in.-12 RH/LH threads, forged steel
  • Rod End Cartridges = 1 ton taper on the pin, 1 3/4 in.-12 threads on the O.D. and 9/16 in.-18 threads on the pin

JK-9703TRL - Currectlync Modular Extreme Duty Universal 1 Ton Tie Rod

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