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The RockJock JL Tailgate Cover / Spare Tire Delete Panel provides a clean, slim solution for what to do with your tailgate when you’ve upgraded to tires that are big enough that you can no longer carry a spare on the back of your Wrangler or Unlimited.
This panel simply covers all of the unsightly things that become visible on the tailgate once you’ve removed all of the factory spare tire mounting brackets, however, the panel features slots along the bottom edge to still allow the tailgate vent to function.
Additionally, provided in this kit is all of the necessary bracketry and hardware to reinstall your 3rd. brake light and your backup camera (not for use with 360 degree camera option) onto the new panel, keeping these items fully functional. This simple kit is easy to install and makes a huge aesthetic difference when the time comes to delete your spare tire.
Not provided are provisions for mounting a license plate or a license plate light.


Kit Fits:

  • JL Wrangler Unlimited (4-door) – All Models
  • JL Wrangler (2-door) – All Models


Kit Includes:

  • Tailgate Cover Panel
  • Backup Camera & 3rd. Brake Light Retention Brackets
  • All Required Hardware and step-by-step instructions



  • NOT for use with 360 degree camera option!
  • Plate is laser cut and formed from .125 in. aluminum.
  • Provisions to retain 3rd. brake light and backup camera are provided.
  • No provisions license plate light or license plate are provided.
  • Plate is finished in semi-gloss black powder coat.
  • T-8 Torx Bit included in kit.


Instruction Manual:

  • CE-9818TG Kit


Parts List:

  • Tailgate Cover Panel:  CE-9818TG1
  • Camera and 3rd. Brake Light Mount:  CE-9818TG2
  • Back-Up Camera Housing:  CE-9818TG3
  • Hardware Pack:  CE-9818TG4
  • T8 Torx Bit (included in Hardware Pack):  RJ-500000-1

CE-9818TG - JL Tailgate Cover / Spare Tire Mount Delete

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